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Our Beer

Our Beer. Broo Premium Lager

A premium lager crafted from the finest natural ingredients. She's all natural with no artificial anything. The label pretty well says it all. Broodiful.

Here are the official tasting notes:
'Broo Premium Lager is a premium Australian lager delivering a balanced malt character that engages the mid palate. This beer has a clean, crisp finish with a subtle hop edge to the late palate. Broo presents all the clarity and stability expected of a premium beer.'

In other words, Broo is the best session beer in the country. It's not a special occasion beer and you can eat whatever you like with it. Broo roams in small herds (6 packs), or hunts in big mobs (24 packs)...ahhh! ..there's nothing like seeing a mob of Broo heading your way.

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